Nine Years II

Here’s a scary thought:  What if our church had never been started?   What if we had never met in an old delapidated building downtown to bring people together for what would be our humble beginnings?  What if we had not built what is now our present campus facilities?  I’m asking these questions because I remember in the beginning just how insecure we were as we were starting this church.  

There were times when we were’nt sure we were “doing this” right.  There were times in the beginning when we didn’t know if we had what it took to lead this type of church.  I have to say that it was and has always been extremely challenging to lead a church like ours.  However, I also believe it is one of the most worthwhile causes I could give my life and time to.

So much has happened over the past nine years –so many people, so many lives changed. 

I look forward to celebrating our anniversary this Sunday night.

Nine Years

Nine years ago, we launched our first worship experience at Faithco.  It seems that time has gone by pretty quickly since we started this work, and it also seems that we are just getting started.  As I look back to how and when it all began, I am so moved by what God has done through our ministry.  I am truely amazed by the numbers of people who continue to come to Christ and connect because of our community church.

With all this blessing of such a powerful church comes of course, the challenges we face –challenges that cause us to question ourselves, our abilities, and even our calling.  I know, because I’ve questioned a lot of things over the years in ministry.  However, I am more excited, more motivated, and more focused than ever for what God is doing today through Faithco. 

In view of our anniversary, I thought I’d reflect…ask some questions, and talk about our nine year journey.  I’m going to spend the next few blogs on this subject.  I’d like to read some of your “Faithco stories”, some “remember when” stories or whatever you’d like to add.

Randon and Rachel

No matter what we face in this life, if we can just hold on and believe in His goodness, he will take us through every tough time in our lives.  Throughout my years of ministry, people have questioned me when faced with tragedy.  I have learned that it is okay to say “I don’t know”.  While I may never understand the loss of a child or loved one, I have grown to understand the importance of trusting God in every circumstance.

Here is a link of some pictures of my younger sister and brother, Rachel and Randon.  I did her funeral 5 years ago; I did his 4 years ago; both were in the spring.  I always think of them, especially in March and April.  It was a tough time for all of us, but God took us through it.

Our Best Easter Celebration Yet!

Wow what an incredible Easter Celebration!  We’ve never done it before, but we did it this week.  We actually celebrated Easter with four worship experiences in one weekend.  It was simply amazing.  The numbers look like this:  18 decisions for Christ, 913 total attendance, and 295 kids.  That breaks all attendence records for us.  Also, we had so many wonderful people serve in various ministries to make a difference in the lives of those who attended for the first time.  I am simply humbled to be a part of such a mighty work of God in our community; and I look forward to what He will do over the next few weeks in our church.

Faithco people, you are awesome!

young and old….alike

I was talking to a person who was probably 65+ years old who told me that young people almost never look or talk to him and his wife when they are out doing errands in the community.  I know these people; they are an interesting couple and are young at heart.  I began to study how the young and old interact, and I found that what this gentleman told me was more true than I realized.  Many times I believe young people look at the those who are older and think: “they really don’t know what I’m going through, so there’s nothing I can learn from them“.  I believe that many times the older will look at the younger and think: “they don’t want to hear what I have to say, so there is no reason to approach them”.  I believe God allows both ages to exist for a reason, and if we are not careful we miss out on what we can give to each other.  My suggestion…look for opportunities to connect with a different generation that is yours.  At the gym, at work, at school, have conversations with people of all ages.  See just how much it can change you ….the way you think of people of different ages.  Change perspectives, change your world…Jesus did.

This weekend at Faithco we are honoring our grandparents.  I’m excited for this privilage, and I can’t wait to see all the “mature” followers of Christ.