Are You Leading?

Ministry is consuming.  It is never done, and you are always thinking about it.  It seems that we as ministers  are always thinking about the next weekend or the next event. 

It seems that we are always involved in life change for so many people.  It can feel like a heavy load –too much. 

In fact, life itself can feel like it is too much.  We feel like we can’t get it all done in a day; what should we do?  We are too busy to sleep; too busy to even die.  What is the answer? 

Give up.  Let it all go.  It’s not worth your time or trouble.  Life is too short to feel the way you feel.  To heck with it all.  Grab a bag of chips and cuddle up in your rocking chair.  Find some reality TV and live vicariously through someone elses fictitious life. 

There I said it….obviously I didn’t mean it, but it is good to get some things off your chest every now and then.

Actually there is a better answer.  I’ve found that one answer to dealing with the craziness of daily life is found in my ability to lead well. 

I think you will enjoy the next few posts on leading in life.

Bible on Your Phone

We must leverage technology to serve His cause.  This is one of the best ideas I’ve seen:

Every weekend worship experience, I ask people to take their bibles and say “This bible is God’s word to me.”  I want people to think or their bible as a road map they consult on a daily basis.  I want people to understand that God speaks to us through His written word.  Within the last year or so, I’ve been watching our people hold up their phones to repeat the statement we make about our bibles.  The reason for holding up phones instead of bibles, is because has written a bible software called You Version that can be downloaded to any iPhone.  WOW! What an amazing gift to God’s people.  Here’s the best part:  It’s FREE!  If you have an iPhone, I recommend you download this wonderful software.  Here’s where you can get more info:

Twitter Tech

I really believe that I was the first person in Shawnee to Twitter.  Just over a year ago I read about the social online network and immediately signed up.  By now most of us have heard and use Twitter.  However, the first time I walked into our church leadership meeting and announced that we would all start using Twitter, most of the team moaned and sighed.  At first glance, having people know what you are doing all the time sounds crazy, and even now, when I try to explain Twitter, it seems that I have to talk people around this concept. 

Now our whole team uses Twitter every day and it has turned into one of the most powerful connecting tools we have ever used.  We are able to not only keep up with the lives and events of the people we love, but to also keep up with church events.   If word of mouth is the best advertising, then Twitter is the best way to post those words.   If you don’t Twitter, consider it.  It is a powerful connection tool, and it is shaping the way we stay connected in our culture today.  Also, if you facebook you can connect Twitter to your facebook and every time you tweet, it will update your facebook.  It’s cool.

Here’s the website:  or, if you want something with a little more bling, once you sign up for Twitter, you can go to and manage your Twitter account.