A Global Statement to Haiti

Last weekend, the nation of Haiti was discussed in churches all over the world.  From prayers to financial contributions, churches are coming together to make a statement that will be heard around the world for ages to come.

Haiti is a nation plagued by diverse issues. With a population of 8 million, most of whom are living on less than one dollar per day, Haiti is considered to be the most poverty-stricken country in the Western Hemisphere. In addition to its high unemployment rate (80 percent), the country is also plagued by food shortages, poor drinking water, lack of education, environmental concerns and shifting culture. Adding to Haiti’s misery is the devastation caused by the strongest earthquake in more than two centuries that rocked the nation’s capital, Port-au-Prince, located just 10 miles northwest of the earthquake’s epicenter. (source: Huffington Post)

I believe that we, not just as a church but also as a nation have this one opportunity in time to make a statement of care and generosity to a nation that needs it most.   If we choose to hesitate or do nothing, then we will miss our opportunity to make a global statement of what the church is called to be in this world.

My challenge to you is to act.  Give to your church or to other organizations that are sending resources to Haiti. Here is a link to some organizations that are accepting donations: http://www.thehousefm.com/thehouse.asp?ID=HaitiHelp&s=0&b=1

My hope and prayer is that we all do something to make a global statement.

Faithco –this past weekend

Yesterday, after our third and final worship experience for this past weekend, I thought of all that had transpired.  God is blessing our church in so many ways and I am so proud of what is happening in our church community. 

Here are some of my thoughts concerning this past weekend’s worship at Faithco.

1.  At least 5 people made decisions to follow Christ.  This is something that never gets old.  To me, it is a miracle when a person I have never seen or met walks in our doors and is convicted by the Holy spirit to change.  Then, raises his hand to pray a prayer to give his life to Christ.   It is definitely a work of God 

2.  The message of Abraham and Lot ministered to so many.  The feedback from all who spoke to me after the message as well as all those who commented on facebook confirmed that I wasn’t the only one who needed this message.

3.  We are growing.  Last weekends total attendance in all three worship experiences was 535.  We were over capacity in our 11:00 service.  What a blessing to be part of a healthy growing church.

I think we are on the right track.  I pray that God continues us to reach our community.

Thanks for serving with us.

Live an Illustrated Life

This past weekend, I was reminded of the impact a simple illustration can have on a group of people.  The message was part of a series called “The Journey” and it was subtitled “Traveling Light” . 

If you like, you can check it out here:  http://www.faithco.org

I talked about how each major experience of life can give us baggage, and that we can choose to carry or to let go of this baggage.

To illustrate my point, I strapped a bunch of luggage all over me as to show what we might look like if we could see all the life baggage we carry.

I thought it was a simple straight forward message, but nothing too grand.  Boy was I wrong.  I could not believe all the comments and facebook replies from all the people who were impacted by the message.  I actually had a gentleman in his eighties walk up to me after the worship and tell me “that was the most insightful messages I had ever heard”.    Wow!  I guess as a pastor  it is easy to forget the impact of illustrating God’s word.

What if our every day lives illustrated God’s word?  Who would be impacted?  What would the ripple effect produce around us? 

I challenge you today to be a walking illustration of Christ and His words.