This Past Weekend…

I’ve been gone on vacation for the past two weekends.  It was so good to be back with all the great people of Faithco.  This past weekend at Faithco was truly amazing.  I’d like to share some of the highlights:

1.  Eight people came to know Christ -this is always a big thing with our church and leadership team.  As always, we talked about the “next step”, and about half of those who came to Christ came back to out Next Step booth to sign up for future classes and discipleship.

2.  Although the rain beat down, our First Impression parking team was on duty assisting people in the parking lot.  It’s good to see dedicated volunteers serving the cause of Christ.

3.  The responses of the message were awesome.  Many of the people who stopped and talked to me on the way out of the church told me that the sermon was one of the best messages they had ever heard on worship and worship expression. 

WOW.  I don’t get those kind of compliments often.   Here’s what those comments are telling me:

People are sometimes uneasy and confused with some of the abuses of worship in many churches.  By pulling true worship expressions straight from the bible, I believe is will free people to truly worship unashamed. When I strapped on the guitar and asked people to sing with me the words of “Let me Sing”, I believe people begin to understand just how important it was for us to sing to God.  Also, by asking people to raise their hands, I think we stamped out the fear factor that sometimes goes along with praising God through bodily expression.  I think that’s what we did.

 By using my Pentecostal background experiences as an example, I know I may have offended some people yesterday.  This was not my intention; I am blessed to have grown up with a Pentecostal background.  I do, however believe that we can drive people from our church if we practice worship expressions that shock or confuse the people we are trying to save. 

I know this is a controversal subject. Please understand, this is not an eternal issue (how we believe on this issue will not effect where we will spend eternity).  I don’t believe that there is necessarily a right or a wrong way of worship expression as long as it edifies the church and the person. 

Overall, God showed up and did some amazing things in the lives of people….what a great weekend.

How I almost Lost My Little Toe

People have asked me about this particular story.  Just in case you didn’t hear it, here is the link to the message where I told the story.

By the way, I will not be blogging for the next 7-10 days….taking some time off.