Coming this Weekend

We are planning for an incredible Easter Celebration this weekend at Faithco.  I want to tell you some things that you will probably want to be a part of this weekend.  Also, I want to share some aspects that will give you some ideas that will allow you to make the most of our weekend gathering.

1.  We will be busy this weekend.  We are expecting somewhere between 800-1000 attenders, many of which will be first-time guests.  We want to make room for our guests so we are offering an early worship experience at 8:00am.  That’s a little early for me, but I am really looking forward to the break in routine.  If you usually attend the 11:00am worship, you may consider this weekend attending a different service since the 11:00am is usually our most attended service especially on Easter.  Try something new, maybe a Saturday night.  I know you will like the change.

2.  We are going to do something we have never done in an Easter Service.  That’s all I have to say about that.  I’m nervous and excited about it.

3.  We are so fortunate to be friends with the people at Star Skate.  This Sunday is also Kids Day at Faithco and Star Skate allows us to rent their facilities for Easter Sunday so weather is not a factor for our Faithkids Easter egg hunt and festivities.  Don’t forget to drop off your G-force age kids at Star Skate this Sunday morning, and don’t forget to pick them up afterward.

4.   The adult Easter egg hunt.  Every year I try to ditch this for various reasons.  However, the support for this event is overwhelmingly positive.  Yes we are going to do this again, and the prizes will exceed the previous years.  Warning: Hunt at your own risk!

I know there is so much more we are doing to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord this Easter.  I can’t tell you everything in one blog so I hope that you will be at Faithco this Sunday

This Past Weekend…

It is such a wonderful blessing to come together with the people of faithco each weekend.  Every weekend continues to exceed my expectations.  Here are a few of the highlights from this past weekend: 

1.  We have given it the name “Friends Sunday” and we ask people to invite their “Reach One” friend (the person whose name they write down at the beginning of each year they want to win for Christ).  It was awesome to see our people take advantage of Friends Sunday.  Yes, we want to invite our friends as often as possible; however, we feel like this day brings this goal into greater focus.   In addition, is sure is a blessing to be part of a church where people are not apprehensive in bringing their friends.

2.  I serve (play music) for band number two.  I always like worshiping God with my voice and guitar even if they have me in the back without any lights on me. I just love being a part of a team that has the privilege of praising God with music and instruments.  Scott Grein is our band leader –Scott you rock! (pun is intended).

3.  We are off and running with a new series called “Jesus”.  So many lives are changed when I teach about Jesus.  Over the next few weeks, I will attempt to bring to life the aspects of Jesus’ life and ministry that I believe sometimes get ignored.  I feel passionate and privileged to teach about my Lord.  I hope and pray that I can in some way please him with the words and thoughts that he has given to me about his life.

Wow.  What an incredible weekend that will lead us up to Easter.  I can hardly wait until next weekend.

Sleep in this Sunday!

I never thought I’d ever try to convince people to sleep in on Sunday mornings but I have a good reason:

Saturday Night Worship!

Have you tried it here at Faithco?  I like it so much that I tell people to come Saturday nights and sleep in on Sundays. 

We first began worship gatherings on Saturday nights to accommodate for growth and space challenges on Sundays.  Since we started gathering on Saturday evenings, we have seen a lot of families take advantage of this worship option for various reasons.  For example, some people work weekends, some people prefer an evening service, and some people simply like the whole Sunday off before the work week begins. 

Have you experienced a worship gathering at Faithco?  It may change the way you look at attending church, and it may actually allow you to truly have a Sabbath (a day of rest).

Go to to review our new worship gathering times.

This Past Weekend…

Last weekend was once again over the top!  Really! 

It was the weekend of spring break, there was a snow and sleet storm, and yet we had a full house.  Our people love to come together on weekends to celebrate our Lord in His house.  This is the reason I have never cancelled a weekend worship experience.  I don’t insist anyone to be at church during bad weather, but I know that people will show up -especially the people in SUVs and 4x4s.  Here are a few of some of the highlights I noticed from the weekend:

  • Eight people came home to Christ over the weekend.  Wow, it never ceases to amaze me how God uses something as simple as sharing His profound word to bring people to the cross.
  • It’s always a pleasure to honor the generation that paved the way to where we are.  I thought the story of Caleb was perfect for what I wanted to communicate to our grandparents.  I believe the message also spoke volumes to today’s younger people.
  • Our band was completely blown away by the crowd’s response to the “old time” music.  I didn’t know so many people not only knew, but also loved the song “I’ll Fly Away”.  We have decided to sing the old stuff more often.  I also was surprised at the people who enjoyed the banjo.  I grew up with that style of music, but I had no idea so many people would get that big of a blessing from ole time gospel music.  One young girl actually said to Deana, and I quote, “Now I understand why Pentecostal people dance in church”.  It was fun.   We can’t do that type of music too often, but we can break it out every once in a while.
  • I want to give a shout out to all who stepped up and gave extra towards Faith Kids.  I can’t wait until Destry, Butch, and all of the volunteers revamp our kid’s space.  These rooms have needed some updating for some time.  They should be up and going by Easter.


It just keeps getting better.

This Past Weekend…

Man, what a weekend.

It all started with the continuation of the series: True Worship.  The addition of Baby Dedication Sunday made this past weekend one of the best we’ve had. 

1.  I think reminding our people to worship God by raising our kids to worship God is a powerful message.  As I was talking to some of you yesterday, I could tell some things were going to change in the lives of our families.

2.  Baby dedication Sunday is one of my favorite weekends….New babes with committed parents is a blessing.  “We commit to raise this child to serve you” — this is one powerful proclamation.

3.  Did you hear what Landon said about bringing his family around while he writes their tithes check?  Wow, I hadn’t thought of that one.  Instead of treating giving to God as a time to pay bills, he uses it as a time to worship God. He also uses this time as a teaching moment for his boys about honoring God. (Man, imagine how insightful I would have looked if I would have said that instead of Landon.  Why didn’t I think of that?).  I’m sorry, did I say that out loud?

Overall, it just doesn’t get any better than last weekend.  It is so awesome to be part of a community of people who love to attend and to serve His church

This Past Weekend

I’m going to do some kind of weekend summary post at the beginning of each week that will be called “This Past Weekend”.  So, if you see this title on your twitter or facebook page, don’t think you have already read it because it will be a different post every week.

Here we go:

Although we don’t judge everything based on how many people come to Christ, we are truly motivated and blessed by it.  I have attended churches where it seemed that almost no one ever came to Christ.  We must realize that numbers are relevent to size and demographics of communities.  For example, I read blogs from pastors of mega churches that say hundreds of people get saved in their churches every week.  Not so for us; this past weekend 5 people came to know Christ as their savior.  I can honestly tell you that it makes me no happier when 1, 5, 25, or 250 people come to Christ –just as long as they a coming.  This tells us that faithco is making a difference and fulfilling the Great Commission.

 Secondly, I must say that Sunday’s message was one of the hardest messages I’ve preached -especially the “pastoral concerns part”.   I believe when people resign from volunteering at any church, they are disconnecting with God’s destiny for their lives; they aren’t simply quitting say, the kids ministry (or whatever ministry).  We have many volunteers and we don’t have issues with a lot of volunteers quitting.  However, I do see the reports of when people quit and if it is only one, I am concerned for the person who is quitting.  I brought this subject up Sunday because I want us to think about what we do. 

Thirdly, one word: SACRIFICE.  Really?  Should I really use this word when it comes to serving him? “Sorry, I can no longer serve you Lord.  It’s too much of a sacrifice“.  Let’s see….hmm….my sacrifice, his sacrifice….(picture me with my hands in the air like a weight scale).  Please Travis, how can serving Christ ever be too much of a sacrifice, and don’t use that word with Jesus: He wrote the Book on it? (I know, I shouldn’t talk to myself in public)

Lastly, this message as all others was directed towards myself as much if not more that to all who listened.  I want to live a life holy and acceptable to my Lord, who sacrificed everything in this life to give me my life…..everlasting life.