This Past Weekend…

I think every weekend here at Faithco is amazing.  However, this past weekend really stood out to me…here’s why:

1.  People came home to Christ.  Every decision made to follow Jesus is celebrated in Heaven.  We celebrate too.

2.  I believe recognizing all school teachers and school administration is important as we kick off the school year. I didn’t know we had so many teachers and school staff at faithco.  The time we took yesterday to recognize and applaud these people was a small token of our appreciation for them.

3.  Bringing in and up to the front all of our kids who are attending school this year was also powerful.  We need to pray for our students, and we need to pray for them as a whole church.  As we know, school is a hard place to be these days.  I thought it was an incredible experience – to be part of a whole church community praying for their elementary and high school students.

4.  Thanks for everyone who contributed financially towards our new church van.   WE SO NEED THIS VAN.

5.  Finally, I believe the message was powerful.  I don’t always deliver the message the way I get it; still, the message of UNITY is something that must be hammered in our churches.  If you missed this past weekend, you can see it online: .  I strongly recommend you watch or listed to this message.  I think it is very important.

Great stuff, this past weekend….okay, that’s all I got

The Cause of the Local Church.

Every morning when I wake up, the first thing I do is put on some coffee.  That routine doesn’t make a lot of sense because I don’t drink it.  I smell the coffee, I make the coffee, I pour the coffee into a coffee mug, and then it sets.  Yeah, I may take a couple of sips, but really, I don’t like it that much.    As I am writing this blog, I am actually sitting in Starbucks with a full cup of coffee to my left on a coffee table; however, it’s not really coffee.  It is a white chocolate mocha latte, which means it is mostly milk.  My coffee drinking friends harass me because the coffee I drink doesn’t look or taste like coffee.  I think I’m more attracted to the idea of coffee than to the taste of it.

I see something like this in the Church today.  I see people attracted to the idea of church, but not committed to the Cause of the church. 

I believe the Cause of the local church is the most worthwhile cause on the face of the earth.  And if that is what I believe, shouldn’t this belief be reflected in my life and commitment?  Shouldn’t this belief be displayed in all the lives of His followers? 

If I may, let me give you an experiment:  Talk to some of your friends –people in our bible belt community.  Ask them two questions. 

1.  Where do you attend church?  It seems everyone we talk to in our community attends church somewhere.  See, this sounds good because attending church is a good idea. 

However, the next question will reveal whether or not your friend is committed to the cause of the church, or to the idea of church.

2.  How often do you attend?  Did you go last Sunday?  Ask one or both of these questions as one, and watch your friend’s reaction.  Truth will come out in the answer.  A person may even claim to attend church regularly until you ask her if she was at church this past weekend. 

I know there is more to being a Christ follower than attending worship.  However, it is my opinion that those committed to Christ and not only to the idea of Christianity are committed to the cause of the church.  Attending is one of those causes because it is a gathering of believers for worship. 

More on this later…but for now….that’s all I got

This Past Weekend…

This past weekend was one of the best weekends we have experienced here at Faithco.  Although I don’t have the time to mention everything that led up to such a great weekend, I’d like to discuss a few things that really stood out:

1.  Several people came home to Christ.  I can’t tell you how that makes me feel.  God is so good.

2.  The worship band was awesome.  I liked the new song.

3.  We’ve got to build.  Both services were at capacity.  The place was electric.  I can feel God is up to something. 

4.  A healthy church is a church that is committed to reaching people with the gospel.  We will never stop our efforts to reach people for Christ.  As long as I am pastor here, and as long as God sends us people who are searching for Christ, we will be a soul-winning church.

5.  Friends of Summer Connect groups event was off the chain!  Wow, what a night.  Our people are wild and crazy and know how to enjoy each other.  Who says we can’t have a blast at church?  I liked the Olympics theme along with the competition factor.  I believe it is as fun as it is important to get all the groups together a couple of times a year to meet new people and to form new groups.

What a day and what a night.  Thank you God for Faithco.  This church has changed my life.

…that’s all I got.

Summing up 2 weeks in Cambodia

I wanted to finish up a post I started last week as I was on my way home from Cambodia.  here are a few of the things I’m taking home from the whole experience:

1.  Our resources and our efforts were multiplied in a couple of ways.  First of all, our money buys more.  A person can catch a tuk tuk (moped taxi) and ride across town for about 3 bucks, clothes cost 50-70% less than here, and food is 75% cheaper.   Why does this matter? Because when we went to buy clothes, food, bicycles, supplies, etc…., we were able to purchase all that was needed and more.  It feels wonderful to meet the needs of kids who grow up without parents (understatement).  Second, the time we spend with the people there is multiplied.  This is hard to explain, but it is true.  There are  much fewer distractions there and few things bide for a person’s time.  When we were around people we were ministering to, we were present in the moment and God did amazing things.  So much is done with so little resources in Cambodia.

2.  One day, New Life Fellowship church will be to Cambodia what Hillsong is to Austraila….just my prediction, for whatever that is worth.

Words cannot thoroughly explain what is felt… experienced… in a two-week period on a Cambodian trip.  I wish I could take everyone.  If you ever get the chance to go….GO.

This Past Weekend…

I can tell school is about to start;  people are getting back from vacations and starting to come back to church.  Our second worship was completely packed from front to back.  A full house feels good.  Here are a few things I’d like to mention concerning this past weekend:

1.  At least 6 people made decision to follow Christ.  Simply amazing.

2.  The new Lil Explorers kids room is down right jaw-drop amazing!  The circus theme was a great idea.  Jill, Destry, and all the people that work in our kids ministry are the best.  Thanks guys for such a great idea and such hard work.  Our kids are worth it.

3.  A healthy church is a committed church.  That was the central thought of yesterday’s message.  I think what our church culture needs more than any other thing is a good dose of committment.  Man, if the church would just commit fo just being the church we could really turn the world upside down.  Really.

4.  It’s good to be home.

…that’s all I got.

From Cambodia

I’m sitting in a local grocery store in Kampong Tom, Cambodia.  As we are winding down to the last few days of this mission, I’d like to reflect on what we are experiencing:

1.  Ministry opportunity is everywhere here.  There is something to do in every place, on every street, in every city.  Cambodia is wide open to the western church.  There is such an incredible opportunity to reach people here with the Gospel.

2.  Poverty here, as well as most developing countries is a major issue and it is everywhere.  Seeing such poverty can be emotionally overwhelming and it takes some time to get used to.  One must develop a sense of awareness without letting it “get to” him.   I believe the biggest need here is God; however, we can’t bring the message of God without addressing issues of poverty (this will be the subject of an entirely different post).

I’ll post more later, but for now…

That’s all I got.