This Past Week…

As I reflect on all the incredible things that happened at and through the Faithco community, I want to share a few things that really stood out:

1.  PULSE, our youth ministry continues to gain momentum.  Not only did we have a great gathering or youth on Wednesday, but we also had a bon fire on Saturday night.  Butch (youth leader) had a number of awesome activities for the students that was actually just as enjoyable for us adults who volunteer.  I was a little sad about missing OU’s game, but to my surprise, it was being showed on big screen in the Apex.  Wow! Outside was a huge bonfire with a 20ft movie being projected on the wall of the building.  We had a blast.

2.  Thursday night, we showed up to the best feast yet at Faithco.  The Women’s ministry, with the help of the Lockhart’s catering, fed people and raised almost $2000 for Dream Center of the Heartland (A foster home we help sponser).  What a special night it was as we honored and contributed to the people who are a part of such an incredible cause.

3.  Sunday worship gathering was over the top also.  As we continued the series called Prayer Warrior (, I was pleasantly surprised of all the people who went out and bought prayer journals.  Our church is about to change.  People are about to experience answered prayer.  I can’t wait.

good stuff….and….that’s all I got.

Write Your Prayers…

During last weekend’s message called Prayer Warrior (, I brought my prayer journal to the talk and simply broke down my daily/weekly prayers that I have written down.  From that illustration, there has been a flood of feedback to us on the topic of prayer journals.  Therefore, I want to discuss a little more about how and why I use a prayer journal in this post. 

First, in the mornings when I pray, it is easy for me to get distracted as I start thinking about my day.  A written prayer is an outline of the things I want to say to God each morning before I start my prayer.  I don’t read the whole prayer verbatim; I use the written prayer as a guideline.  Otherwise, the prayer would become mundane and meaningless after a few months. Distractions are a big issue with me so anytime I start veering off course in my prayer time I simply glance at the written prayer and it helps me stay on track with my daily prayer. 

Second, I believe anything that is worth asking and believing God in prayer is worth writing down.  I want to be specific when I pray.  If you were going to request the presence of someone important and then petition this person for something, you’d probably write the request down to be specific.  Why not view our prayer time with God as an important event?  I know that God knows our hearts.  In fact, he knows what we need even before we ask.  I write things down so I can articulate and be specific in my prayer time.  Sometimes as I read out loud and hear myself say something, I decide to reword it or change my request.

Third, a prayer journal helps me keep up with answered prayers.  God answers our prayers more than we think -more that we can remember.  If I were to ask you if God has ever answered one prayer in you life you might say “yes”.  However, if I were to ask you which specific prayer, would you remember?  In my journal, when God answers a prayer, I turn that request into a “thank you” to God.  Then I can witness to others on how God has answered the specific prayer.  God gets the Glory for answered prayer!

There is so much more to say about prayer life and prayer journals.  I’m going to be talking this weekend about how to get our prayers answered.  However, for now…that’s all I got.

This Past Week…

Here are a few thoughts I’d like to share about some of the awesome things that happened at faithco over the last 7 days:

1.  Yesterday’s worship was awesome.  There were decisions made for Christ, the music was great, the atmosphere was great, and of course, the word was great (regardless of who was speaking).  Our goal is that when people leave our campus they walk away knowing that they somehow experienced or encountered God.  By the way, if you missed the weekend message and would like to view it online, you can go to:

2.  Trunk of Treat was as much fun as I’ve ever had at any church function.  However, I got robbed on the costume judging (revenge will be mine).  All joking aside, I thing it is incredible to see God’s people reaching out to the community for an evening just to have fun.  We don’t just enjoy going to church together, we also enjoy having fun together.  Our people know how to have fun.  I especially liked the “Deer Camp” theme.  I recommend you go to our Facebook page and check out some of the pics.  You will definitely see a different side of our church.

3.  Our kid and Student ministries are seeing a rush of momentum right now.  Pulse youth is experiencing record attendances almost every week thanks to God and a dedicated leadership team.  Faith Kids hosted an event called “A Minute to Win it”  go look at the Facebook pics of this event.  You can follow our FaithKids ministry on Facebook if you like.

4.  Discovery, our Christian Life newcomers and new believers course, hosted by Landon and some of our other leaders was one of our best.  We finished off the four-week session and people signed up to become members, volunteers, and Friends group members.   We continue to grow.

So much happens in 7 days here.  I could go on talking about the great things God is doing here at faithco, but for now………..that’s all I got.