Why Bikes for Kids?

Whether from our community or from churches of other cities, there have been several people who have asked me many times about our Bikes for Kids event.

First question is usually: How did you guys get started doing this event? My answer:

A few years back, we made a decision to be intentional about our generosity.  We decided that we would not wait for an opportunity to be generous; instead, we would seek opportunities to give.

Still, for me this direction wasn’t specific enough.  To keep our motives pure I asked our leadership team this question: “Who are the people we can give to, help, etc… who cannot give back?  Basically, if we were to help them, there would be no return on our efforts .  In other words, if we helped them the church wouldn’t necessarily grow, there would be no financial benefits, and there would be little or no notoriety from the community.

It wouldn’t be a good cost-effective event from a church marketing perspective.  See, as a pastor, I like to do things in the community that help people remember our church.  I like to do events that bring many people to our campus.  I want our church to be a beacon in our community and people notice big events.

However, this would be different.  I wanted us to do something generous just because our Lord taught and told us to, not because we want to grow the church.

We decided the people we would help would be kids  -marginalized kids.  Kids were a great idea because they can’t pay you back or show up at church next weekend unless you pick them up.  I don’t have to explain all the reasons why kids were the best choice for us, you can probably figure that one out.

The point is we chose to help kids.  Now we just needed to figure our “HOW”.

…..more in my next post…..


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