This Past Week at Faithco…

This past week at Faithco was one of the most exciting weeks we’ve ever experienced.  Lives continue to be saved and changed through every ministry in our church.  I’ve never seen such momentum in our church community. It feels great!

Since the first of the year, Faithco has seen at least 57 people make decisions for Christ.  January isn’t over yet and we are setting salvation records for our church!  This is amazing; I’ve never seen our church this evangelistic.  Coincidentally, this coming weekend I will be ministering on the subject of evangelism.  If you were not here this past weekend, make sure you get a journal ASAP; you will need it.  Also, it is important to watch Sunday’s message to be informed on the direction we will be going for the next 3-5 years.  You can watch it at

Also, you can find a three-part series of the message on our Facebook page:


Did you know that Demita Winegardner has written her first Faithkids curriculum?  It’s called “WAR GAMES” and it is one of the best and most creative kids curriculum I’ve seen.  We’ve got some talented people using their gifts for God.

We launched our Building Faith capital campaign and it is off and running with the prayer journals and weekly challenge to fast and pray.  Don’t forget to take time to go over our weekly journal question.

It’s time to build….our church has broken the 500 barrier for 2 Sundays in a row.  Incredible!  We are still working on the design that will be displayed in detail at our Celebration Banquet on March 6.

Lot’s of great stuff are on the horizon for Faithco, and I am glad to be together with you on this journey.

Vision Weekend.

This weekend will be one of the biggest weekends ever here at Faithco.

First, we will sum up a few of the significant things/events from 2010, then we will look at what we will be doing in 2011 and future years.

I can’t tell you everything, but I can tell you I’m excited about our plans for the coming years.  It’s going to be big!  It’s going to be bold.

I hope to see you this weekend for Vision Weekend at Faithco.

More Fast Notes:

This morning I received a text from a young man who was fasting all foods.  “Remember, no eating!”  is the text he sent me.  We are challenging each other on this fast.

God is doing some amazing things this week, and I believe He will blow our minds in the weeks and months to come because we have sacrificed to honor him.  Look at this verse from Isaiah:

Is not this the fast that I choose:  to loose the bonds of wickedness, to undo the straps of the yoke, to let the oppressed go free, and to break every yoke? Isaiah 58:6 ESV

I believe this verse points to the purpose and the point of fasting.  There is a result… a product of fasting.  Fasting breaks the things in our lives that need to be broken.  It loosens and straps that have us bound.  I know this is true because it has been proven in my life.  Every time I fast, I feel things that are tied to me break loose.

My 7-day fast ends tomorrow.  My friend’s fast will end on Sunday.  He told me the first place he would eat was Ted’s Mexican Restaurant.  That actually doesn’t sound too bad.  WAIT! I can’t think about that right now.  God isn’t done with me…..



A Few Fast Notes:

More people than I thought have taken the 7-day challenge to fast.  I’ve heard stories from people who are fasting a lot of diverse things.  Here’s a short list of a few of the things people are giving up this week:

1.  All food (only drinking juice and water)

2.  Certain foods (the Daniel fast: sweets, red meat, etc…)

3.  Television

4.   Electronics/games (Xbox, Wii, Words With Friends)

5.   Social Networks (Facebook, etc…)

I think it is awesome that our church community is taking this stand to unite.   I believe it is important to let our God know that we will sacrifice something no matter how great or small to hear from him.

I encourage you as you are on this seven day journey to get alone with God as often as you can.  Take your bible and your prayer journal and ask God to speak to you.  As you read the Work, expect Him to show you things about your present circumstances.   I believe He will do it.

Keep it up, stay with this course.  You are about to change.




This Past Week…

Just when I think God is done showing off in our church community, He shows up and shows off again another weekend.  I know that statement sounds a little “preachy” but I am truly blown away by how God exceeds our expectations weekend and week out at Faithco.  Here are a few details:

  • Our youth group Pulse had an a great time as they gathered last Wednesday.  We’ve got some talent coming on with speaking and worship teams.
  • Landon kicked off Newcomers and Discovery this past Wednesday.  We have 8 new members!
  • We have connected with the Shawnee Rescue team to offer our support and service for some of their Wednesday lunches.  If you want to know more about how you can support the community through SRM, contact
  • I was blown away with our churches response to the message on fasting.  I wasn’t sure how people would react to such a sacrificial subject; however, once again our church stood together in the 7 day challenge to fast.
  • 12 people made decisions for Christ –that’s a total of 25 adults in the last two weekend worship gatherings who have given their lives to Christ!  Only God!
  • Our second worship gathering was max capacity.  It’s time to build.  We are talking about this for the next few weeks.

Finally, if you are participating in the 7 day fast challenge, I will have something to say on this post almost every day to provoke thought.  I hope you visit this blog and comment.

Something New

This coming weekend will be one of the most powerful weekends we’ve had at Faithco.

We will continue the series called Something New, and we will look at some new things we can do this season and new year that will take us to a new level in God and in life.

I will check in with some updated posts next week that will break down some of what we are doing to usher in this new season.

You may want to subscribe to this blog if you haven’t already.  Also, if something I write effects you, leave me a comment.  I want you’re feedback.

that’s all