Twittering in Church

Here’s a great post I found about the effects of Twittering during worship:

Agree? Disagree?  I’d like to read your comments on this subject.  Let me know.


Why Faithco Doesn’t Cancel Church for Snow Days

I sometimes get questioned about our “No Cancel” policy that we have for our weekend worship.  The last few Sundays we’ve had some pretty bad weather, so I thought I’d talk about why we decided to keep church open regardless of the weather -especially snow and sleet days.

First , I feel compelled to say that I don’t require anyone (including our leadership team) to drive to church on snow or sleet days.  I tell them, “If you can go, then go, but don’t risk your life or your family’s to come to church”.  I leave this decision completely up to individual judgment, and I don’t pressure any of our team or volunteers to attend on these bad weather days.   Knowing this, let me tell you why we don’t cancel church although most churches do for bad-weather days.

First,  many of our people get out in bad weather.  My mother is 64 years old.  I tell her to stay home when the weather is bad and most of our people around this age do stay home.  However, the median age of our church is around 28 years old… maybe even younger.  Many of our younger people don’t stay home; they get out even in bad weather.  We stay open for the younger people who would come regardless.

Second, many of our people have SUV’s and trucks with four-wheel drive and are looking for another reason to put this $2500 option to use.  We have an adventurous demographic of people who seek the thrill of getting out on ice to test themselves and their all terrain tires in snow.  I have to admit that I may fit into this category.

Third, since so many churches shut down on bad weather days, we usually have a number of guests who are looking for a place to worship.  I’m always surprised by all the first-time guests who come on bad-weather days.

Faithco’s average attendance usually runs between 450-525 on a regular weekend.  Two weeks ago, during one of the worst snow storms in our state history, when most churches cancelled weekend worship, Faithco decided not to cancel.  We didn’t have 4-500 people, but we did have 265 people show up that day.  I think that is pretty awesome.

My personal commitment is that if there is any way possible for me to get to church on a Sunday, I will.  Why?  Because if any person comes to church on a bad-weather day, It could be that this person really needs to hear from God.  I’m there.

Plus, I like doing donuts in the church parking lot in the snow.

This Past Week…

I haven’t posted in a while; I took a few days off with Deana for our anniversary.  Thanks for your patience.

Here are a few notes and thoughts from this past week at Faithco:

With all the snow, we have had to post-pone a lot of our mid-week activities, but we are back on schedule with our Wednesdays.

People ask me why we don’t cancel church on “snow days”.  I’ll answer this in my next post…you will want to read it.

We are at the half-way point of the introduction of Building Faith.   Yesterday, we spoke about prioritizing our finances and making Kingdom financial investments.   I know that talking about money, tithing, and giving during our worship experiences makes some people uncomfortable.  This used to concern me.  I’ve changed my perspective; if people are uncomfortable talking about money in church, they either need to grow in this area, or they have issues with greed.  You may disagree, but it has taken me years to come to this perspective.  My experience with pastoral finance teaching has led me to this conclusion.

The Building Faith meeting with all our volunteers and leaders was as informative as it was motivational.  I can honestly say that what Pastor Terry Bates taught changed my life.  I’ll be repeating some of his principles over the next few yeas…..Yes it was that powerful!

I’m excited about the upcoming weeks and months.  I believe God is about to blow our minds as we move forward in faith and make plans to expand our church campus.