This Past Week at Faithco…

Here are a few things I felt were worth mentioning about last week at Faithco:

1.  Our Newcomers (which proceeds Discover 123) was last Wednesday, and had a few new families who have recently began attending our church.  It is always a treat to meet the new people of our church.  Newcomers is a place to learn about Faithco, connect with the leadership team, and connect with other new people.  I believe everyone who attends our church should go to Newcomers.  To learn more about Newcomers, or to sign up, contact Landon (

2.  Pulse Youth continues to grow.  Butch reported to me that they had over 60 kids here on campus last Wednesday.  That’s huge.  The content of their gatherings is life changing.  They are talking about relationships, sexual purity and temptation, and other related topics.  I know it is life changing stuff because my kids come home every Wednesday night after youth and tell me how they were impacted.  Thanks to God for youth leadership that cares enough to teach where kids are.  You can check out and follow Pulse on Facebook.

3.  It was a big Sunday last weekend!  We called it the “Big Reveal Sunday”.  The whole idea was to show everyone what we all committed do to over the next 3 years towards our Building Faith campaign.  If you want to see these numbers and commitments, you can go to to watch the worship experience.  Seriously, if you were not at church this weekend and you consider Faithco your church, you really need to watch the message.  If you are in a hurry, skip to the end where I show everyone what we are committed to do.

that’s it