Saying “NO” to be More Generous:

Over the next couple of months, we will have many opportunities to contribute to many non-profit organizations.  I believe the key to having the most significant impact in generous giving is learning to say “NO” (read the whole blog before you start hating me).

I’m not talking about saying “NO” to every non-profit organization; I’m talking about saying “NO” to many or most of them.  Here’s what I’m suggesting:

First, take a look at how much money you plan to give away this season.  Second, instead of choosing 6-10 different organizations to assist, why not choose1-3?  I know this means you will have to say “NO” to a few fine-worthwhile causes; but remember, the idea here is to make a larger impact on fewer organizations.

Next time, I’ll talk about how to choose the most worthwhile causes to support during the holiday season.


Faithco News:

Last week was as exciting as it was busy around our church campus:

1.  Last week all our kids returned from camp –Changed!  Really, talk to them; the camps we are sending our kids to are the best in the nation.  Dry Gulch and Youth America are the summer kid’s and youth camps our kids attend each year.  I actually got to visit our Pulse kids at Youth America last Wednesday, I have never seen a youth camp worship as power-packed as the one I experienced at Youth America.  We are fortunate to have these camps in-state.  I can’t tell you just how important it is to make sure you send your kids…….I should dedicate a whole blog to the subject…hmm.

2.  It is good to see the effects of the iServe series.  People are connecting with me at our services and asking where they can get involved.  As I said before, this series will change our church forever.

3.  I don’t think all our people are familiar with all the things we did overseas last year in Cambodia and in Haiti.   I believe it was powerful to see the video footage and documentation of our trips.  It was also great to see Jesse McCaul.  I especially liked the “your favorite Cambodian Missionary” statement.  Bobby did a great job on the video and images.

4.  Lastly, Friends of Summer’s Talent showcase was so much fun.  From the cookout to the show, it was a blast.  It was great to see and to hear Faithco’s up and coming talent.

that’s it

Homes Built in Haiti

Last May, Landon and I spend some time in Haiti to help build homes. Below is a link to a story Joyce Meyers Ministries reported about these homes being built.

The crew I was with (total of 6, counting me) designed and built the first of 50 homes.  At around the 13 minute mark of the video, you can see me putting up the first walls of the first house.  At about the 18-20 minute mark, you can see the young mother we met who now occupies the home.  I can’t tell you how this video takes me back to last year’s trip.  I look forward to going back.

More Bikes for Kids Updates:

What an awesome event!  Thanks to all the generous people of Faithco.

Thanks for letting God work through you.

Here are some video updates:

Also, you can got to our church facebook at “Faith Christian”

An Interesting Blog:

I read many blogs in a week from pastors from all over the nation.  This one really stood out to me and I thought you might like it too.

It’s called “My Recent Conversation with a Muslim”.  Go check it out and let me know what you think:

Homes In Haiti

Below is a link that will take you to Jentezen Franklin’s webpage. 

If you scroll down, there is a video you can watch.  The homes that they are raising money to build are the homes we were building when we were there.  The homes by the lake were not yet under water when were we there; however, they told us that the homes would be destroyed because of the flooding of the lake.  Looks like it is happening inch by inch. 

When you watch the video, look for me in shorts on the right holding up a framed wall.  Cool stuff. 

Watching the video takes me back to the place where I remember so many people who need so much help.

We are planning to go back to Haiti soon.  If you’d like to go with us you can contact for information.  The trip will most likely be sometime in spring or early summer.  I warn you, this is not an easy mission trip and the conditions are sometimes a little rough.  However, if you can take the hard work and the sometimes extreme conditions, you will experience an extremely fulfilling and adventurous mission trip.

Here’s the link:

Summing up 2 weeks in Cambodia

I wanted to finish up a post I started last week as I was on my way home from Cambodia.  here are a few of the things I’m taking home from the whole experience:

1.  Our resources and our efforts were multiplied in a couple of ways.  First of all, our money buys more.  A person can catch a tuk tuk (moped taxi) and ride across town for about 3 bucks, clothes cost 50-70% less than here, and food is 75% cheaper.   Why does this matter? Because when we went to buy clothes, food, bicycles, supplies, etc…., we were able to purchase all that was needed and more.  It feels wonderful to meet the needs of kids who grow up without parents (understatement).  Second, the time we spend with the people there is multiplied.  This is hard to explain, but it is true.  There are  much fewer distractions there and few things bide for a person’s time.  When we were around people we were ministering to, we were present in the moment and God did amazing things.  So much is done with so little resources in Cambodia.

2.  One day, New Life Fellowship church will be to Cambodia what Hillsong is to Austraila….just my prediction, for whatever that is worth.

Words cannot thoroughly explain what is felt… experienced… in a two-week period on a Cambodian trip.  I wish I could take everyone.  If you ever get the chance to go….GO.

From Cambodia

I’m sitting in a local grocery store in Kampong Tom, Cambodia.  As we are winding down to the last few days of this mission, I’d like to reflect on what we are experiencing:

1.  Ministry opportunity is everywhere here.  There is something to do in every place, on every street, in every city.  Cambodia is wide open to the western church.  There is such an incredible opportunity to reach people here with the Gospel.

2.  Poverty here, as well as most developing countries is a major issue and it is everywhere.  Seeing such poverty can be emotionally overwhelming and it takes some time to get used to.  One must develop a sense of awareness without letting it “get to” him.   I believe the biggest need here is God; however, we can’t bring the message of God without addressing issues of poverty (this will be the subject of an entirely different post).

I’ll post more later, but for now…

That’s all I got.

Love a Child (Org) in Haiti

Last week Landon and I returned from building homes for the earthquake victims in Haiti.  While we were there, we got to meet and spend some time with some of the Love a Child team members.  Bobby Burnett, the founder and leader was there to greet us and encourage us every day.  If you haven’t had a chance to look at some of the video from the trip, go to our Facebook page:!/profile.php?id=1501677542&ref=ts

You can also learn how you can be a part of our team that we are putting together to go back to Haiti sometime in the future.  Also, if you want to know more about Love a Child in Haiti, you can go to their website:

This is an awesome organization strategically located to change a nation.

Reaching Cambodia

It’s been a while since my last post.  I’ve been on vacation, then on a mission trip to Haiti building homes for earthquake victims (more on this later).

Right now, I’d like for you to check out the Next-step houses we are assisting in Cambodia with the offering we took a couple of months ago.  These houses are an incredible blessing to young students (as you will see).

Landon and I will be going to visit Jesse McCaul and the rest of the New Live Fellowship Church in Cambodia in about 4 weeks.  If you have time, try to check out some of the other videos from Jesse. Here’s the link: