Faithco This Week:

There is a lot going on at Faithco:  Here’s a few reflections and updates:

1.  Last week, we kicked off a new message series called BLIND FAITH.  If you weren’t here, go to to watch it.  We began by defining faith.  I’ll write about this message in a future blog. This week’s message will be BLIND FAITH –The Walk of Faith.  Don’t miss this one –this is really life changing stuff.


1.  Did you know that Vanz (my incredible daughter) is president of the Shawnee High School FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)? Yes, I’m proud of her for her desire to serve her school and community through FCA.  Tonight is a big night for her and the rest of the FCA kids.  They are hosting FIELDS OF FAITH -a national FCA event that will bring between 2-300 kids together in the SHS football stadium for a night of worship and personal spiritual challenge.  All the Pulse (our youth group) volunteers will be there on hand to help set up, cook, and serve in any way we can.  This is a huge blessing and privilege.  Not all US schools have this kind of openness to FCA gatherings.  We can’t take something like this for granted.  Send your teenagers and go and serve if your can.

2.  October is MINISTER APPRECIATION month.  Do something for your pastor and the others who serve in ministry.  Trust me, they are underpaid for what they do;  it is a labor of love.

3.  BIKES FOR KIDS begins this month.  I’ll write about this later.

That’s it.

Faithco Updates

Here are a few thoughts and updates from Faithco:

1.  Last Friday, Pulse put on a 5th Quarter event for Shawnee High School.  We had a good turnout and had a great time.  I especially enjoyed the dance off, although I didn’t participate.  This Friday, Shawnee will have its Homecoming and we will have another 5th Quarter event.  Spread the word; it will be awesome.

2.  The weekend worship gatherings were awesome.  I always enjoy hearing and sharing what God is doing through the lives of his people who are generous.  If you didn’t get to be here, go to and watch the message.  Even if you don’t have the time to watch the whole message, forward to the end where I share Sarah’s story (video).  You’ve got to see this one.

3.  The Building Faith campaign continues to grow.  We received our monthly offering and we are approaching $200,000 in contributions towards our $2 mill goal.  Exciting stuff!

4.  FRIENDS Connect groups met in homes for the first time this season.  We are getting some positive feedback from the group leaders.  If you’re not part of a FRIENDS Connect group, pick up some info at Guest Services and get connected.  These groups are life changing.  –ask someone…


1.  We kick off a new series this Sunday called BLIND FAITH.  Don’t miss this series.

2.  BIKES FOR KIDS is just around the corner.  Don’t forget to start putting money back for a bike or two for a few kids in our community.

that’s all for now.

This Past Week at Faithco…

I know I haven’t been blogging  consistently. I’ve been spending a lot of time over the past few weeks planning the new year.  I can’t wait for what God is going to do in 2011 at Faithco.  For now, let’s reflect on and sum up last week at FCO:

1.   Last Wednesday was the deadline for Bikes for Kids letter returns.  We will be giving away more bikes this year than ever!  Thanks for all you’ve contributed.

2.  The momentum of PULSE youth ministry continues to grow.  If you have teenagers who don’t attend PULSE, get them there.  Its an awesome ministry.  They meet Wednesdays at 6:30pm

3.  Our weekend worship gathering was great as we kicked off a new series that will lead us into next week’s Christmas Event called The Manger Gathering.  Don’t miss it, it will be our best Christmas program/event yet.

4.  Bikes for kids in this Saturday.  If you haven’t signed up to volunteer, do it quickly.  This is truly one of the best things we do at Faithco.  You will leave the event changed….really, you will.

……..that’s all I got.

Making Christmas Brighter (Shawnee Outlook article)

Our Bikes for Kids Outreach event is growing with momentum.  Shawnee’s main publication, the Shawnee Outlook posted a great article in this month’s edition.  Check it out, its a good article: