Faithco This Week:

There is a lot going on at Faithco:  Here’s a few reflections and updates:

1.  Last week, we kicked off a new message series called BLIND FAITH.  If you weren’t here, go to to watch it.  We began by defining faith.  I’ll write about this message in a future blog. This week’s message will be BLIND FAITH –The Walk of Faith.  Don’t miss this one –this is really life changing stuff.


1.  Did you know that Vanz (my incredible daughter) is president of the Shawnee High School FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)? Yes, I’m proud of her for her desire to serve her school and community through FCA.  Tonight is a big night for her and the rest of the FCA kids.  They are hosting FIELDS OF FAITH -a national FCA event that will bring between 2-300 kids together in the SHS football stadium for a night of worship and personal spiritual challenge.  All the Pulse (our youth group) volunteers will be there on hand to help set up, cook, and serve in any way we can.  This is a huge blessing and privilege.  Not all US schools have this kind of openness to FCA gatherings.  We can’t take something like this for granted.  Send your teenagers and go and serve if your can.

2.  October is MINISTER APPRECIATION month.  Do something for your pastor and the others who serve in ministry.  Trust me, they are underpaid for what they do;  it is a labor of love.

3.  BIKES FOR KIDS begins this month.  I’ll write about this later.

That’s it.

Faithco Events and Updates:

I am excited about the things that are happening at Faithco.  Here’s a quick look at last week and some upcoming events here at church:

1.  Pulse youth continues to grow; Kimmy Huxford delivered a great message to the youth about God’s grace and how it cleanses us.   Pulse is always a blast, and the food is always great!

2.  I spoke at our Discovery 1 session.  We are talking to 5 new families who are exploring church membership, church volunteerism and service, FRIENDS connect groups, and all the other topics of Newcomers and Discovery123.  People continue to join our church.  A healthy church is a growing church.

3.   I kicked off a new series called INTERVENTION.  This series explores how God sends people into the lives of others to confront them where and how they need to be confronted.  Last weekend we discussed how Abigail intervened in David’s life and kept him from murdering an innocent man.  This was a powerful message; I recommend that you check it out at if you were gone on Sunday.  Also, don’t miss the next parts of the series.  I believe they will be powerful messages.

4.  Things to remember:

  • August 31 –Baptism Celebration –Always a great time!
  • Sept 11-12 Next Generation Power Team — This will be something different.
  • FRIENDS Connect groups are gearing up for the new season; make sure you get connected.
  • Building Faith, the campaign for our new campus is on schedule.  Remember, we receive a monthly offering for commitments on the first Sunday of each month.  Be a part of the campaign by committing to give monthly.  No pressure…. just think about it.  It’s a good cause.
  • That’s it.

Faithco Updates:

It has been a busy Summer at Faithco.  I can’t believe Summer is almost over.  Here are some of the happenings here at FCO for the past week:

1.  Pulse Youth ministry has a new worship band.  The prospects of the the up and coming singers and musicians are exciting.  I’m glad to help with the training.   Also Vanz (my daughter) spoke in the last Pulse gathering;  I was proud.

2.  The iServe series has got a lot of people stepping forward to be counted on for His service.   I believe iServe was one of the most powerful message series we’ve ever taught at FCO, and we are already seeing results.  The series may be over but the ripple effect continues.

3.  We dedicated 8 babies yesterday!  WOW!  Dedication of babies simply means as parents, we are committing to raise our children to live for God.  So many new babies; I’m glad we are on our way to building a new campus –we are out of space in every kids area.

Upcoming Events:

This Wednesday we kick off our quarterly Newcomers’/Discovery Series.  If you know someone who wants to get to know more about our church, invite them and/or come with them.  It’s a great learning environment with food and childcare.  This series ends with Baptism and Communion.  Don’t miss these intimate times of celebration and worship.  I believe we get so many complements on these two worship gatherings because this is one of the few “small church” things we still do.  I can’t really explain it, one has to experience it to get what happens at Baptism and Communion gatherings.

September 11-12 the Power Team (the guys that break and bend things) will be ministering at our church.  Big event.

Next FRIENDS of Summer will be September 18 –I think it is the Olympics theme.

FRIENDS ministry new season starts at the end of Summer, or at the beginning of October.

New Sermon Series in 2 weeks –It’s called:  Intervention – -You like it?  Basically, it is about bible characters who’s destructive paths were interrupted by a God sent person (I hope that makes sense).

that’s it

This Week at Faithco:

Faithco is a blessed community of believers.  God continues to do great things through our church.  Here are a few reflections and upcoming events:

1.  Last week we introduced Destry to our Pulse Youth team members.  Butch is going back to PT school so he resigned.   We hate to see him resign, but we are happy for Butch’s opportunities and Godly direction.  In the mean time, Destry will be stepping up to serve as youth minister.

2.   The feedback from the last two weeks of weekend messages called “Stand Your Ground” have been completely positive and overwhelming.  I did not realize just how impacting this message to men would be.  If you weren’t with us this last week or two, you can view the messages at  I strongly recommend that every man watches these messages.

3.  In a couple of weeks, we kick off a series that I’m really excited about.  It’s called iServe, and I am believing that it will change our ministry forever.  You don’t want to miss this one.

4.  This Wednesday Pulse (our youth ministry) will be meeting at John and Dawn Little’s home for a swim party.  Thanks to the Littles for opening up their home and pool.  I think I will be attending that night (sacrifices we make in ministry).

that’s it.

Faithco News

Here are a few thoughts from his past week at Faithco:

1.  People continue to come to Christ through our weekend worship experiences.  Last weekend, at least 6 people committed theirs lives to Christ.  It’s a huge blessing that He trusts us to send us non-Christians from our community.  May we never take this privilege for granted.

2.  I can’t remember receiving more positive feedback for any message series than this current one.  This stuff is life changing for families and marriages.  If you haven’t been a part of any of our weekends since we began Home Builders, go to and watch last weekend’s message.  We will be archiving the whole series soon.

3.  Last night we hosted the SHS Baccalaureate celebration.  What a privilege for our church community.  We did it all FCO style.  From the service, to the barbecue dinner afterward, the whole thing was a blast.  We enjoyed celebrating with the SHS class of 2011.   Thanks to all who volunteered in the catering: Stephanie, Pam, Tiffany;  To all who worked in the creative worship side: Carren, Kevin, Macie, Bo, Butch, Anthony, Bobby, Jena, and Landon.   There are more who served in other areas.  I just want to say thanks to everyone….you made last night a huge success.

I’m looking forward to watching Jill Newman this weekend as she talks to couples on the subject of  “Marriage Destroyers”  or something like that.  I hear there is going to be a surprise introduction to her message.  You won’t want to miss this.  Also, Jill is a professional counselor who has served our ministry for years.  She knows her stuff.  Be there.

I guess that’s it…

Marriage Training?

As I get older and hopefully a little wiser, I believe I gain perspective on a few things.  This month at Faithco, we are spending some time talking to families in a series of messages called “Home Builders”.  We are using the following verse as our theme verse:

Unless the LORD builds a house, the work of the builders is wasted.  Psalm 127:1 NLT

To be a professional in any working field in our culture, it will take a person time, training, certification, and sometimes, even apprenticeship.  We grind through all these factors so we can have a chance at being successful in our careers.

Do you know what it takes for two people to be married?  Two willing people and a licence.  Training and counseling are suggested but not required.

Too many times people get married  and have no earthly idea what is in store for them until six months down the road.  Sometimes, people are married for years before they discover what marriage is all about.

I believe the best training for marriage comes from the church, and we (our church teachers)  are speaking up on what it takes to have a strong healthy marriage.

For the next month or so,  we are diving into the subject matter of husbands, wives, kids, and singles.  I believe these messages will be life and marriage changing.

Be at Faithco every weekend, or watch the messages at

Change things in your home once and for all.

Faithco News

Here are a few thoughts and reflections of some of the things that are happening at Faithco:

1.  Last Wednesday night at 6:30pm, we kicked off our Discovery 123 sessions.  If you haven’t been through Discover 123, I highly recommend it.  There are a lot of creative insightful things to “discover” about God’s plan for your life through His church.  You can find out more at our website:

2.  Pulse youth continues to impact the lives of teens every Wednesday night at 7:00pm.  I can’t express enough the importance of having your teenagers involved in a God-centered youth ministry.  I believe God has given Faithco an incredible leadership team headed by Butch and Jacklyn Cantrell.  If your kids are not coming, get them here;  it will change their lives….seriously.

3.  Mothers’ Day was special.  I believe my wife Deana, is truly gifted to speak to women.  The content of yesterday’s message was powerful, especially when she brought up the different kids in the house and told people “These are my kids too”.

4.  Eleven people came home to Christ yesterday!

5.  The gift, flowers, and Phil Collins song was classic Faithco style.   Very special.

Upcoming weekends, we will continue the Home Builders series on families and relationships.  This is a great time to focus on your family commitment and relationships.  Don’t miss this series.  If you have to be gone, you can always watch the messages at

that’s it.

This Past Week at Faithco…

Here are a few things I felt were worth mentioning about last week at Faithco:

1.  Our Newcomers (which proceeds Discover 123) was last Wednesday, and had a few new families who have recently began attending our church.  It is always a treat to meet the new people of our church.  Newcomers is a place to learn about Faithco, connect with the leadership team, and connect with other new people.  I believe everyone who attends our church should go to Newcomers.  To learn more about Newcomers, or to sign up, contact Landon (

2.  Pulse Youth continues to grow.  Butch reported to me that they had over 60 kids here on campus last Wednesday.  That’s huge.  The content of their gatherings is life changing.  They are talking about relationships, sexual purity and temptation, and other related topics.  I know it is life changing stuff because my kids come home every Wednesday night after youth and tell me how they were impacted.  Thanks to God for youth leadership that cares enough to teach where kids are.  You can check out and follow Pulse on Facebook.

3.  It was a big Sunday last weekend!  We called it the “Big Reveal Sunday”.  The whole idea was to show everyone what we all committed do to over the next 3 years towards our Building Faith campaign.  If you want to see these numbers and commitments, you can go to to watch the worship experience.  Seriously, if you were not at church this weekend and you consider Faithco your church, you really need to watch the message.  If you are in a hurry, skip to the end where I show everyone what we are committed to do.

that’s it

This Past Weekend…

Our Easter, Resurrection Sunday was one of the best we’ve ever experienced at Faithco.  Here are just a few of the highlights:

  1. First of all, at least 25 people came to Christ in our adult and kid’s worship experiences.  People becoming followers through our church is a gift from God.
  2. The 8:00am worship turned out to be one of the best Easter ideas we’ve had,  I was surprised with all the people who showed up.  I didn’t know we had so many early risers.  The early service had a great feel.
  3. Our volunteers served with such excellence.  So many people got up very early to serve in 1, 2, and even all 3 services.  Some of our people worked all week-long to make the campus look better for this special weekend.  A great church has great people who display great service for his house and the community.  I am truly blessed to lead such a special servant minded church.
  4. The Praise Band was off the chart yesterday.  Man, they really blessed me.  Every now and then, we get Deana (my wife) on the band; she’s always a treat.
  5. Our Creative Media team brought out some great video.  Thanks to Bobby and all those who work so hard week-end and out, we are blessed with many visual effects.  Yesterday’s message would have been totally different without the video at the end.  You guys are the best!!
  6. All the rain was a blessing, but it was a challenge for our Easter egg hunt.  Still, our Faith kids team of volunteers made it happen by hunting inside.
  7. I had someone come up to me at the end of worship and thank me for the message on Christ’s resurrection.  She said many churches don’t teach on the resurrection on Easter.  My response to her was “hmm”.  I was so surprised by her statement that I had nothing to say.  What church doesn’t…..I’m not going there.

I know I’m missing something.  It was such an incredible day and so much happened.  It amazes me how fast the biggest and one of the most significant weekends of the year for the church goes by.  I’ll spend a couple of days basking in all the good things that happened; we will discuss it for about 30 minutes in this morning’s leadership team meeting, and I’ll get a few comments on Facebook.  Then, we move on and start looking at what’s next for Faithco.

He always has more and better for your life and his church.

That’s it.

The Most Celebrated Event in Church History

The biggest, most celebrated event in church history is the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  This weekend, churches around the world will be observing and celebrating in various ways the phenomenon of the empty tomb of Christ.

If you take a look at the magazine racks, the media, or just about any best-selling book store rack, you will see a plethora of  “experts” who claim Jesus was not resurrected and they also have a theory of what might have happened.

Trying to disprove the resurrection of Christ has been going on for Centuries.  Even on the day when it was discovered that Jesus was missing from the tomb, the Pharisees got together with the guards and bribed them to spread the word that Jesus’ disciples stole his body in the middle of the night(Matthew 28:11). I don’t have time to get into this too deeply but like I said, it’s nothing new.

I choose to believe that he rose from the dead, and I will be celebrating his resurrection this weekend with his church.  From the worship experience to the Easter egg hunt, we are celebrating the most significant event in church history.  I hope you celebrate this event too.

By the way, for all of the faithco family, make sure you check out our Facebook page (Faith Christian) to keep track of all the festivities.  We are doing some extra things, like adding an 8:00am worship.  Also, if you have registered at CCB, look for some reminder emails.  If you haven’t registered at CCB (Church Community Builder), I highly recommend you doing so by going to our website and following the easy steps.  You’ll love it.

Wherever and however you celebrate His resurrection this weekend, I hope you have a great one.