Saying “NO” to be More Generous:

Over the next couple of months, we will have many opportunities to contribute to many non-profit organizations.  I believe the key to having the most significant impact in generous giving is learning to say “NO” (read the whole blog before you start hating me).

I’m not talking about saying “NO” to every non-profit organization; I’m talking about saying “NO” to many or most of them.  Here’s what I’m suggesting:

First, take a look at how much money you plan to give away this season.  Second, instead of choosing 6-10 different organizations to assist, why not choose1-3?  I know this means you will have to say “NO” to a few fine-worthwhile causes; but remember, the idea here is to make a larger impact on fewer organizations.

Next time, I’ll talk about how to choose the most worthwhile causes to support during the holiday season.



Faithco Events and Updates:

I am excited about the things that are happening at Faithco.  Here’s a quick look at last week and some upcoming events here at church:

1.  Pulse youth continues to grow; Kimmy Huxford delivered a great message to the youth about God’s grace and how it cleanses us.   Pulse is always a blast, and the food is always great!

2.  I spoke at our Discovery 1 session.  We are talking to 5 new families who are exploring church membership, church volunteerism and service, FRIENDS connect groups, and all the other topics of Newcomers and Discovery123.  People continue to join our church.  A healthy church is a growing church.

3.   I kicked off a new series called INTERVENTION.  This series explores how God sends people into the lives of others to confront them where and how they need to be confronted.  Last weekend we discussed how Abigail intervened in David’s life and kept him from murdering an innocent man.  This was a powerful message; I recommend that you check it out at if you were gone on Sunday.  Also, don’t miss the next parts of the series.  I believe they will be powerful messages.

4.  Things to remember:

  • August 31 –Baptism Celebration –Always a great time!
  • Sept 11-12 Next Generation Power Team — This will be something different.
  • FRIENDS Connect groups are gearing up for the new season; make sure you get connected.
  • Building Faith, the campaign for our new campus is on schedule.  Remember, we receive a monthly offering for commitments on the first Sunday of each month.  Be a part of the campaign by committing to give monthly.  No pressure…. just think about it.  It’s a good cause.
  • That’s it.

Faithco News

Here are a few thoughts and reflections of some of the things that are happening at Faithco:

1.  Last Wednesday night at 6:30pm, we kicked off our Discovery 123 sessions.  If you haven’t been through Discover 123, I highly recommend it.  There are a lot of creative insightful things to “discover” about God’s plan for your life through His church.  You can find out more at our website:

2.  Pulse youth continues to impact the lives of teens every Wednesday night at 7:00pm.  I can’t express enough the importance of having your teenagers involved in a God-centered youth ministry.  I believe God has given Faithco an incredible leadership team headed by Butch and Jacklyn Cantrell.  If your kids are not coming, get them here;  it will change their lives….seriously.

3.  Mothers’ Day was special.  I believe my wife Deana, is truly gifted to speak to women.  The content of yesterday’s message was powerful, especially when she brought up the different kids in the house and told people “These are my kids too”.

4.  Eleven people came home to Christ yesterday!

5.  The gift, flowers, and Phil Collins song was classic Faithco style.   Very special.

Upcoming weekends, we will continue the Home Builders series on families and relationships.  This is a great time to focus on your family commitment and relationships.  Don’t miss this series.  If you have to be gone, you can always watch the messages at

that’s it.

Homes Built in Haiti

Last May, Landon and I spend some time in Haiti to help build homes. Below is a link to a story Joyce Meyers Ministries reported about these homes being built.

The crew I was with (total of 6, counting me) designed and built the first of 50 homes.  At around the 13 minute mark of the video, you can see me putting up the first walls of the first house.  At about the 18-20 minute mark, you can see the young mother we met who now occupies the home.  I can’t tell you how this video takes me back to last year’s trip.  I look forward to going back.

This Past Week at Faithco…

Here are a few things I felt were worth mentioning about last week at Faithco:

1.  Our Newcomers (which proceeds Discover 123) was last Wednesday, and had a few new families who have recently began attending our church.  It is always a treat to meet the new people of our church.  Newcomers is a place to learn about Faithco, connect with the leadership team, and connect with other new people.  I believe everyone who attends our church should go to Newcomers.  To learn more about Newcomers, or to sign up, contact Landon (

2.  Pulse Youth continues to grow.  Butch reported to me that they had over 60 kids here on campus last Wednesday.  That’s huge.  The content of their gatherings is life changing.  They are talking about relationships, sexual purity and temptation, and other related topics.  I know it is life changing stuff because my kids come home every Wednesday night after youth and tell me how they were impacted.  Thanks to God for youth leadership that cares enough to teach where kids are.  You can check out and follow Pulse on Facebook.

3.  It was a big Sunday last weekend!  We called it the “Big Reveal Sunday”.  The whole idea was to show everyone what we all committed do to over the next 3 years towards our Building Faith campaign.  If you want to see these numbers and commitments, you can go to to watch the worship experience.  Seriously, if you were not at church this weekend and you consider Faithco your church, you really need to watch the message.  If you are in a hurry, skip to the end where I show everyone what we are committed to do.

that’s it

This Past Week…

It’s great to be a part of such a healthy thriving church community.  Here are a few reflections of this past week:

1.  Pulse youth is one of the most exciting ministries in our church.  If you have a teen between the ages 12-18, get them to faithco Wednesday’s at 6:30.  It will change their life.   Really.

2.  Sunday worship was jam packed with so much to do.  Our services are scheduled for about 75 minutes.  Lately, we are hard pressed to get everything in.  If we go a little over, please bare with us as we are doing more with the Building Faih Campaign.

3.  The Building Faith Campaign is already causing a return on lives and families.  I love to hear all the stories, so please keep posting them on facebook or on this blog.

4.  I really enjoyed all the Pulse youth and the Faithkids involvement in the worship experience.  It is exciting and healthy to have our kids practice faith and generosity.

Until next time…

This Past Week…

I believe February was probably the busiest month of my life.  Between flying to Utah to finalize our church design and my wife’s surgery, I’ve been stretched.  However, all the great things that God has done is keeping me charged and excited.  Here are a few of those things:

1.  We are beginning a 60 day season of giving.  About 30% of our church has committed to the Building Faith Campaign.  Over the next 8 weeks, as our people become more aware of what we are doing and how they can contribute, we will definitely see that number grow.   I can’t tell you how excited I am to see what is going on in our church.

2.  The new campus design is a big hit.  I think we exceeded expectations with the help of the BGW architect team.  This structure will be a dream come true.

3.  People continue to come to Christ through our worship experiences.  I don’t care if it is 1 or 20 on a given weekend.  I never get used to it, and I never take it for granted.  It’s always fresh and amazing to me when someone lifts his/her hand and receives Christ.

If you don’t follow us on facebook, you can find us at Faith Christian.  Also, go to our website ( and sign up on CCB if you would like weekly updates and messages sent to your email.  I get them and they are pretty informative and encouraging.

Okay, that’s all I’ve got.