Homes Built in Haiti

Last May, Landon and I spend some time in Haiti to help build homes. Below is a link to a story Joyce Meyers Ministries reported about these homes being built.

The crew I was with (total of 6, counting me) designed and built the first of 50 homes.  At around the 13 minute mark of the video, you can see me putting up the first walls of the first house.  At about the 18-20 minute mark, you can see the young mother we met who now occupies the home.  I can’t tell you how this video takes me back to last year’s trip.  I look forward to going back.


This Past Week at Faithco…

This past week at Faithco was one of the most exciting weeks we’ve ever experienced.  Lives continue to be saved and changed through every ministry in our church.  I’ve never seen such momentum in our church community. It feels great!

Since the first of the year, Faithco has seen at least 57 people make decisions for Christ.  January isn’t over yet and we are setting salvation records for our church!  This is amazing; I’ve never seen our church this evangelistic.  Coincidentally, this coming weekend I will be ministering on the subject of evangelism.  If you were not here this past weekend, make sure you get a journal ASAP; you will need it.  Also, it is important to watch Sunday’s message to be informed on the direction we will be going for the next 3-5 years.  You can watch it at

Also, you can find a three-part series of the message on our Facebook page:


Did you know that Demita Winegardner has written her first Faithkids curriculum?  It’s called “WAR GAMES” and it is one of the best and most creative kids curriculum I’ve seen.  We’ve got some talented people using their gifts for God.

We launched our Building Faith capital campaign and it is off and running with the prayer journals and weekly challenge to fast and pray.  Don’t forget to take time to go over our weekly journal question.

It’s time to build….our church has broken the 500 barrier for 2 Sundays in a row.  Incredible!  We are still working on the design that will be displayed in detail at our Celebration Banquet on March 6.

Lot’s of great stuff are on the horizon for Faithco, and I am glad to be together with you on this journey.

An Interesting Blog:

I read many blogs in a week from pastors from all over the nation.  This one really stood out to me and I thought you might like it too.

It’s called “My Recent Conversation with a Muslim”.  Go check it out and let me know what you think:

Homes In Haiti

Below is a link that will take you to Jentezen Franklin’s webpage. 

If you scroll down, there is a video you can watch.  The homes that they are raising money to build are the homes we were building when we were there.  The homes by the lake were not yet under water when were we there; however, they told us that the homes would be destroyed because of the flooding of the lake.  Looks like it is happening inch by inch. 

When you watch the video, look for me in shorts on the right holding up a framed wall.  Cool stuff. 

Watching the video takes me back to the place where I remember so many people who need so much help.

We are planning to go back to Haiti soon.  If you’d like to go with us you can contact for information.  The trip will most likely be sometime in spring or early summer.  I warn you, this is not an easy mission trip and the conditions are sometimes a little rough.  However, if you can take the hard work and the sometimes extreme conditions, you will experience an extremely fulfilling and adventurous mission trip.

Here’s the link:

Reaching Cambodia

It’s been a while since my last post.  I’ve been on vacation, then on a mission trip to Haiti building homes for earthquake victims (more on this later).

Right now, I’d like for you to check out the Next-step houses we are assisting in Cambodia with the offering we took a couple of months ago.  These houses are an incredible blessing to young students (as you will see).

Landon and I will be going to visit Jesse McCaul and the rest of the New Live Fellowship Church in Cambodia in about 4 weeks.  If you have time, try to check out some of the other videos from Jesse. Here’s the link:

This Past Weekend…

It is truly a blessing to witness what God can do through a community of people each weekend when we come together to worship.  Here are a few thing that stood out.

1.  There has been so many new people come to faithco since Easter Sunday.  New fresh faces are healthy to any church.  This happens when people invite their friends.  It’s good to know that people are excited enough about faithco to invite people they love.  I hope we will always be the type of church that is inviting to the unChristian.

2.  As always, the praise and worship band was awesome.  I don’t know why,  but I seem to worship better with great music.  I think God made us this way.

3.  I suppose people appreciate the transparency of my messages.  While talking about how we at faithco value “Stewardship”, I gave a couple of personal stories of how God has used me to be a blessing to others.  Also, I gave a couple of examples of how God has blessed me because of sacrificial seed-faith giving.  It is one thing to tell people how God will bless those who sow generously into ministry.  It is another thing to give personal examples. 

4.  I believe challenging people with Godly values is always a good idea.

I love this church.

This Past Weekend…

We actually took part in a historical moment in our church this past weekend.  For the first time in  our ten years of  existence, a pastor from another country spoke in our church.  Jesse McCaul from New Life Fellowship in Cambodia shared his story and some information about his ministry.  What an amazing weekend.  Here are a few of the highlights:

1.  Cambodia’s story is one that few of our generation really knows and understands.  I thought Jesse giving us a historical background of what has happened to Cambodia was necessary and interesting.  Have you ever heard of the Killing Fields?  What about Pol Pot?

2.  Our church has got to be one of the most generous churches on the planet.  We took them the best offering.  I’ll give more details next weekend.

3.  More than one person came up to me after the message and told me they wanted to go to Cambodia on our next mission trip.

It was awesome and it is just the beginning of what we will do to assist our new friends and family in the nation of Cambodia.

If you missed Jesse’s message, you can watch or listen from our website: