FCO Updates:

I’ve been either out of town or out of pocket lately and haven’t been posting. I thought today would be a good day to get back in routine and let you know what has been going on lately at Faithco.  Also, I want to give you some updates on what to expect over the next few weeks:

1.  Pulse has started a fifth quarter event here on Friday nights after the home games.  The last fifth quarter was awesome and the next one will be this Friday after the SHS home game against Norman.  Although it is scheduled for high school and middle school kids, we always are looking for adult volunteers for set up, break down, clean up, and over all supervision.  Think about it, you’ll have a blast.

2.  We concluded the series INTERVENTION this past Sunday.   Deana did an amazing job communicating just how God speaks to us.  If you weren’t here, try to go watch this message at http://www.faithco.tv.  Really, it was an amazing message (ignore the stories about me).

3.  FRIENDS OF SUMMER was the best Friends event we’ve had.  It was a great way to kick off our new Friends season.  Make sure you are a part of a Friends small group.  Being a part of a Friends community group has got to be a top priority for all of us at Faithco.

What’s Coming:

This Sunday we will revisit what we are planning to do in our future and receive our monthly Building Faith Offering.

BLIND FAITH -New series in October; don’t miss it.  The subject of faith is one of my favorite.  Get ready to change; I know we all will.

One more thing, there is a Dream Girls event tonight at 6:30pm.  These events draw women from our entire community, not just from our church.  If you are a chic, be there and bring a friend….life changing stuff.

that’s it for now…


Faithco Updates:

It has been a busy Summer at Faithco.  I can’t believe Summer is almost over.  Here are some of the happenings here at FCO for the past week:

1.  Pulse Youth ministry has a new worship band.  The prospects of the the up and coming singers and musicians are exciting.  I’m glad to help with the training.   Also Vanz (my daughter) spoke in the last Pulse gathering;  I was proud.

2.  The iServe series has got a lot of people stepping forward to be counted on for His service.   I believe iServe was one of the most powerful message series we’ve ever taught at FCO, and we are already seeing results.  The series may be over but the ripple effect continues.

3.  We dedicated 8 babies yesterday!  WOW!  Dedication of babies simply means as parents, we are committing to raise our children to live for God.  So many new babies; I’m glad we are on our way to building a new campus –we are out of space in every kids area.

Upcoming Events:

This Wednesday we kick off our quarterly Newcomers’/Discovery Series.  If you know someone who wants to get to know more about our church, invite them and/or come with them.  It’s a great learning environment with food and childcare.  This series ends with Baptism and Communion.  Don’t miss these intimate times of celebration and worship.  I believe we get so many complements on these two worship gatherings because this is one of the few “small church” things we still do.  I can’t really explain it, one has to experience it to get what happens at Baptism and Communion gatherings.

September 11-12 the Power Team (the guys that break and bend things) will be ministering at our church.  Big event.

Next FRIENDS of Summer will be September 18 –I think it is the Olympics theme.

FRIENDS ministry new season starts at the end of Summer, or at the beginning of October.

New Sermon Series in 2 weeks –It’s called:  Intervention – -You like it?  Basically, it is about bible characters who’s destructive paths were interrupted by a God sent person (I hope that makes sense).

that’s it

Faithco News

Here are a few thoughts from his past week at Faithco:

1.  People continue to come to Christ through our weekend worship experiences.  Last weekend, at least 6 people committed theirs lives to Christ.  It’s a huge blessing that He trusts us to send us non-Christians from our community.  May we never take this privilege for granted.

2.  I can’t remember receiving more positive feedback for any message series than this current one.  This stuff is life changing for families and marriages.  If you haven’t been a part of any of our weekends since we began Home Builders, go to http://www.faithco.tv and watch last weekend’s message.  We will be archiving the whole series soon.

3.  Last night we hosted the SHS Baccalaureate celebration.  What a privilege for our church community.  We did it all FCO style.  From the service, to the barbecue dinner afterward, the whole thing was a blast.  We enjoyed celebrating with the SHS class of 2011.   Thanks to all who volunteered in the catering: Stephanie, Pam, Tiffany;  To all who worked in the creative worship side: Carren, Kevin, Macie, Bo, Butch, Anthony, Bobby, Jena, and Landon.   There are more who served in other areas.  I just want to say thanks to everyone….you made last night a huge success.

I’m looking forward to watching Jill Newman this weekend as she talks to couples on the subject of  “Marriage Destroyers”  or something like that.  I hear there is going to be a surprise introduction to her message.  You won’t want to miss this.  Also, Jill is a professional counselor who has served our ministry for years.  She knows her stuff.  Be there.

I guess that’s it…

This Past Week at Faithco…

Here are a few of my thoughts concerning last week:

  1. It is incredible to see all the Friends Community groups coming together to do some spring cleaning on our facilities.  This place needed some attention.  From painting and repairing the walls, to washing the outside of the building, this place is becoming spic and span (a term my mother used to use).
  2. Pulse not only met Wednesday night, but also went to a concert in down-town Shawnee Sunday night.  I heard there was lots of head-banging.  My kids came home pumped last night.  Kids.
  3. Yesterday was Bring a Friend Sunday and it was the kickoff of our annual Reach One Outreach event.  It is nice to know I pastor a church where people are comfortable bringing their friends.
  4. This is Jesus…The Man.   I think the message stirred some thought on His humanity.  I know it messed me up.
  5. The on-stage interviews of people who are committed to the Building Faith campaign are priceless.  Jim and Kay Doolin are amazing people, and we got to hear their story yesterday.  It was amazing and heart-felt.
  6. Two words: Penny Wars.

Don’t forget, Grandparents day is next Sunday, this will be an unforgettable experience for the whole family so make sure you are there.


Whew, we are doing a lot right now.


This Past Week at Faithco…

Last week was Spring Break around here.  I was gone except for the weekend so I’ll comment on some of the great things that happened over the weekend here at Faithco.

1.  Our Praise band keeps getting better.  I don’t know what’s up but I am thankful for all those who continue to volunteer their time and talent as musicians and singers.  You guys ROCK!  really.

2.  I didn’t realize just how much Esther’s story related to what we are doing here at faithco with the Building Faith Campaign.  I think the story really hit home not only for our ministry, but also in our families.  If you missed the message, always remember you can catch it online at http://www.faithco.org.  It is edited and downloaded usually by Tuesday morning.

3.  This on-stage interviews were awesome.  It’s always good to hear how others are being challenged by God.  We are in this together.

4.  Friends Connect Group is always refreshing.  After a solid day of ministry, it is alway nice to sit, eat, talk, and just be with people we love.  Our group is the greatest.

That’s it.

Why Faithco Doesn’t Cancel Church for Snow Days

I sometimes get questioned about our “No Cancel” policy that we have for our weekend worship.  The last few Sundays we’ve had some pretty bad weather, so I thought I’d talk about why we decided to keep church open regardless of the weather -especially snow and sleet days.

First , I feel compelled to say that I don’t require anyone (including our leadership team) to drive to church on snow or sleet days.  I tell them, “If you can go, then go, but don’t risk your life or your family’s to come to church”.  I leave this decision completely up to individual judgment, and I don’t pressure any of our team or volunteers to attend on these bad weather days.   Knowing this, let me tell you why we don’t cancel church although most churches do for bad-weather days.

First,  many of our people get out in bad weather.  My mother is 64 years old.  I tell her to stay home when the weather is bad and most of our people around this age do stay home.  However, the median age of our church is around 28 years old… maybe even younger.  Many of our younger people don’t stay home; they get out even in bad weather.  We stay open for the younger people who would come regardless.

Second, many of our people have SUV’s and trucks with four-wheel drive and are looking for another reason to put this $2500 option to use.  We have an adventurous demographic of people who seek the thrill of getting out on ice to test themselves and their all terrain tires in snow.  I have to admit that I may fit into this category.

Third, since so many churches shut down on bad weather days, we usually have a number of guests who are looking for a place to worship.  I’m always surprised by all the first-time guests who come on bad-weather days.

Faithco’s average attendance usually runs between 450-525 on a regular weekend.  Two weeks ago, during one of the worst snow storms in our state history, when most churches cancelled weekend worship, Faithco decided not to cancel.  We didn’t have 4-500 people, but we did have 265 people show up that day.  I think that is pretty awesome.

My personal commitment is that if there is any way possible for me to get to church on a Sunday, I will.  Why?  Because if any person comes to church on a bad-weather day, It could be that this person really needs to hear from God.  I’m there.

Plus, I like doing donuts in the church parking lot in the snow.